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Curriculum and Policies under review may contain redlines or strike-throughs showing additions or retractions and, in some cases, may be new to our District. Comments on policies are due by 4:00 p.m. the Friday before the following Wednesday board meeting. 

We are currently looking at the FALL policies.

The Board of Trustees look at approximately 5 policies at a time.

Click here submit a comment to submit your comment on the policies under review at this time.

**By submitting a public comment, you are consenting to the disclosure of your communication (in full and unredacted) to the official records of the Board of Trustees, and to the posting of such information on the West Bonner School's website. To be included, the comment MUST include your first and last name. If you include information that would otherwise be protected (such as education records protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act [FERPA]), you are consenting to the disclosure of the same. Public comments are subject to Idaho's public records laws.**


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West Bonner County School District Administrative

Procedures for Policy Adoption

Policy handed down from the Idaho School Boards Association should go through several channels before it is included within the WBCSD’s policy book.

The following administrative procedures will be utilized:

The superintendent will form a policy review committee consisting of WBCSD community members.  All district administrators, teachers, and parents will be invited to apply for membership in this committee.  Once a roster of interested individuals is complete, the superintendent will appoint a chairman as well as an assistant to the chair to select the final membership.  The chairman and assistant will plan and conduct all meetings of the policy review committee. 

The superintendent will supply the review committee with all proposed new, optional, and/or revised policies issued by the Idaho School Boards Association. The review committee will read through the policy notes that explain each policy and its purpose, the committee discusses the policy, makes any recommendations for revision, and decides whether it should be submitted to the superintendent for review. The superintendent then reviews the policy and may seek legal counsel to make sure the policy is legally viable. The superintendent may kick the policy back down to the review committee to make changes or send it to the school board for review. The school board can vote to reject the policy, accept the policy, or may ask that a part be revised within the policy before they accept it. Once it is approved by the school board, then it becomes official school policy and is added to the appropriate district handbook.

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