An Annual audit is the final financial report for the fiscal year. It is a full and complete report submitted in compliance with Idaho code 33-701 (6). Specific requirements of the law include:

  1. An independent auditor shall be employed on a written contract.
  2. All funds shall be audited, including student activity funds.
  3. The audit shall be made in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards and procedures.
  4. The completed audit report shall be accepted by the Board of Trustees.
  5. Copies of the audit report shall be filed with the State Department of Education and the State Legislative Auditor no later than October 15th.

The purpose of the audit is to determine whether financial operations are conducted properly; financial statements are presented fairly; compliance exists with laws and regulations affecting the expenditure of special revenue funds; internal controls have been established to meet the objectives of federal, state, and local regulations; and accurate and reliable information is being provided to the public and government agencies.


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